Dublin Web Design Professional

Are you in need of a Web Design Professional ?

Our Friends over at thenet are delighted to be able to offer a low cost web design service – If so then we hope that this checklist will help you find your web design professional.

Outside File Organization

Combined Assets Named Files Appropriately Assets are Relative to Comp File UI Elements Templated

Inner File Organization

Layers Named Appropriately and Semantically Organized Modules inside Folders Deleted Unwanted Layers Globalized Common Elements Used Smart Objects (if Allowed) Included module states on isolated layers and legitimately marked

(i.e. Join Hovered, Window Scrolled)

Plan Practices

Shading profile set as RGB Comp Contains Whole Pixel Values Created a Grid and Included Guides for Grid System

(likewise consider sharing guideguide settings crosswise over groups)

Fallback Interactions for Hover Based Events Used Dropshadows Sparingly Used Licensed Icons/Photos Appropriate Favicons Created

(Favicons show up in the tab of your program keeping in mind the end goal to distinguish. Favicons render in the program tab at 16 x 16 and as extensive as 144 x 144 for apple symbols)


Overlays Are Appropriate and utilized Sparingly CSS Support has been considered and inquired about


Web Font Kit < 250k Font-sizes littler than 14-16px render well and are implied legitimately for the Web

(Web Font Specimen)

Authorized Fonts Made Available Unchecked Paragraph Hyphenation Documentation Outlining Typographic Scale/Styles Equivalent Web Fonts Listed

(In the event that comp text styles are not accessible through a Web Font administration.)


Shapes Aren’t Stretched Masks Globalized Vectors Processed as Smart Objects Created Various Desired Resolutions

(Perused More about Picturefill)


Make Separate Artboards Combine Paths and Unite with Pathfinder Combine Strokes Avoided 3D Effects, Blurs, Blend Modes and Drop-Shadows Small Proportions Make Sense Exported and spared as SVG

(taking after these strides)

Before Exporting

Edit Compare Against Mockups/Wireframes Account for All Images Verified Browser Compatibility Consistency Check Packaged text styles as a .zip Clean up unused and settled layers Packaged comp as a .zip

(brings down the record size for designers to download)

Included Favicons

(Favicons show up in the tab of your program keeping in mind the end goal to recognize and add a touch of flare to a site. Favicons render in the program tab at 16 x 16 and as substantial as 144 x 144 for apple symbols)


Put something aside for Web and Devices Choose Progressive Conserve File Size Export as RGB Color Profile.