Google AdWords is a PPC (Pay Per Click)  advertising program started by Google Search Engine a few years back.

Is a quick way of getting visitors to your website, especially new websites that want to draw visitors or for launching new product/s, etc.
The ads appear at the top and right hand side of the Google Search page, as Sponsored Links on keywords / key phrases that you choose as per image below.


You can get visitors to your website for as low as 0.03 Euro per click.
It is Free to advertise and you only pay when your ad has been clicked, so if the impressions of your AdWords ad is 500 and you only got 5 clicks at 0.03 Euro the total own to Google is 0.15 Euro.

Hey, that’s a small price to pay for on-line advertising if that click could turn into a new customer, but it also has its drawbacks.

The secret of running a proper AdWords campaign lies in your chosen keywords and phrases, the copy of your adlanding page, and much more.

Choosing the wrong keywords or phrases could get you clicks but not customers and then you wonder why?
One reason is that the landing page is not properly  formated or it has no relation between the keyword that your visitors used in his/her search.Also not having the right ad copy or keywords / phrases could get a lot of impressions but no clicks, and if the CTR (clickthrough rate) goes below 0.05% Google could disable your AdWords campaign.

The biggest mistakes that people make in their Google AdWords campaigns are very common and a very large percentage can be easily improved if they pay attention and put some effort into it.

Take your time and analise every keyword / phrase that you are going to choose for your campaign, create the right Ad copy and you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands, or even better hire a professional to look after your campaign.

Good luck with your AdWords campaign.